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Bridesmaid Fashion Tip

March 24, 2009

By Dara


Have you started looking into your bridesmaid dresses?  Whether you’re purchasing the dresses or your bridesmaids are, they price can definitely add up.  Therefore, I have a tip that will make help keep some cash in your pocket. 

 Typically, the dresses are just plain and simple.  However, a lot of brides now a day would like their bridesmaid to be just as beautiful as they are.  So here is a tip to make their dresses stand out with beauty. 

 Simply, purchase about 3 yards of silk satin ribbon and wrap it around the waist of the dress twice.  Then finish it off with a bow.  This isn’t only a trendy idea for the big wedding day, but your bridesmaid can reuse the dress again after the wedding. 

 As for the dress itself, try looking into a non-bridal shop.  It cost you at least half the price that you would have had to pay at a bridal shop.  Good luck.

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