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DIY Bridesmaid Headband

February 25, 2009

By Kristin


Maybe you’ve noticed lately that the trend for everyday fashion has been headbands.  If you are having a simple affair or something more elegant, having headbands for your Bridesmaids can be a great accessory.  I’m a huge fan of them for year round accessorizing; they go with everything and sometimes make my limp hair look full.  A headband would be great for your girls if they have long hair, curly hair, or even a short bob.  It’s a simple way to dress up the hair and coordinate the looks of all the girls.  This is the easiest project ever and would be wearable long after the wedding.


For mine I used a multi-stone beaded trim #25492 in Plum/Silver and a thin plastic headband.  Using the e6000 glue, run a line of glue about 4″ from the edge of the headband, place the trim on the glue and hold it for a few seconds.  Keep gluing small sections until you have reached the end.  Let it sit overnight so the glue totally sets, and wear!  You can also use many of the great rhinestone trims at M&J or use some of the wonderful ribbons.  You can even use this technique for a rhinestone Bridal headband.

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