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DIY Bridal Slippers

February 22, 2009

By Dara

So it’s your wedding day and you’ve been on your feet for hours.  Let’s admit it, we girls enjoy looking beautiful and we’ll go almost any length for it; even if it may mean standing in high heels for more than five hours.  However, you have to keep in mind that this is your special day and you definitely don’t want to remember how much pain those heels caused you during one of your most important day. 

Here are some tips to solve that problem.  Once it’s time to get on that dance floor and have some fun, I suggest having a Bridal slipper.  You can get these slippers almost anywhere and just embellish them with some rhinestones or even rhinestone button shoe clips.  They can turn out beautiful and save your feet from torture by the end of the night. 

Also, your bridesmaids will love you if you get them some matching slippers also.  Set a small basket aside by the dance floor.  Decorate it with some ribbons and flowers.  Fill it up with embellished slippers for your bridesmaids.  Then it’s time to party the night way. 

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