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Green Wedding Ideas

January 29, 2009

By Dara

There popularity of a “Green” wedding has grown significantly in the past year.  Brides around the world are recognizing the importance in helping this world become as beautiful as it once was. 

 Just in case you’re interested, here are some tips to making your wedding a little more “Green”.  Let’s start off with the favors.  You might want to consider giving your guests a small plant or bag of seeds.  Okay, it may not sound like an exciting idea now, but let me explain.  Before you and your groom made a decision to settle down and get married, of course your relationship had to start off somewhere.  That’s like the plant and the seed.  It symbolizes the growth in your relationship, one that started with little and grew into a lifetime of love.  There are still trees around today after hundreds of years.  It’s a good symbol for your relationship, one that will last beyond time. 

 You can place your plant in a small pot and the seeds in a small favor bag.  Decorate it with simple silk satin ribbons, in colors that match your wedding theme.  Your can also do this with your centerpiece and bouquet.  I recommend taking a flower design lesson with your bridesmaid.  This will be fun.  They can help you set up the centerpieces and decorate the vases with ribbons and rhinestone buttons.  It’s a lot easier than it looks. 

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