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Swarovski Bridal Necklace

January 27, 2009

By Kristin



Sticking with trends for the 2009 season, I’ve noticed simple necklaces with large crystal charms are ‘in’.  This is an easy project that you can make for yourself or maybe as a gift to the bridesmaids (just use colored bicone beads instead of pearls!).  Swarovski makes gorgeous crystal pendants and one of them is a giant heart that reminds me of the Titanic necklace (only in clear, not blue).  You can easily make a lariat style necklace that can be worn again and again and won’t break the budget.  Besides, there is so much joy from saying “I made it!” when people inquire on it.



  • Nylon coated beading wire (Acculon makes a great one)
  • Toggle Clasp in Silver
  • Metal Crimp Beads in Silver
  • Metal Clam Shell covers in Silver
  • Jump Rings in Silver
  • And a pinch bail in Silver
  • Swarovski Heart Charm (#33329)
  • 6mm White Pearls (#41822)
  • 4mm Swarovski Bicone in Crystal (#03704)


Serrated Needle-nose Pliers, Scissors


  1. Measure Around your neck, I find that 14″ is a good length.  Add 6″ to the measurement and cut a piece of beading wire that long.  You can always make it longer depending on the neckline on your dress.  16″ just hits my clavicle bone (that dent under your neck).
  2. You’ll notice a small hole in the clamshell bead, slide the bead on and add a crimp bead to the end of the wire 1″ down.  Squeeze the pliers good enough that crimp will not slide off the wire at all.  Cut off the excess 1″ of wire on the end and slide the bead towards the crimped end.
  3. Add the toggle part (straight part) of the clasp to the clamshell bead’s little looped end and close it with the pliers.  You should now have the toggle end secured to the necklace wire.
  4. Start beading your necklace.  You can get really creative here or simply copy what I’ve done.  I spaced one pearl with one bicone bead, but you can do a few pearls and a bead, or all pearls, or all beads.  Possibilities are endless with making necklaces!  Continue beading until you get a 14″ length (or the length that you chose to compliment your gown).
  5. Just like in the beginning, add your clamshell bead to the wire, let it fall down to where the beading ended.  Slide on a crimp bead next.  Using the pliers, crimp the bead shut just like you did for the other end, it will be a little tricky since it must sit snug inside the clamshell bead.  When you are done, cut off the excess wire.
  6. Loop a jump ring on the ring end of the toggle (not the tiny loop on the end, but the large ring that the toggle actually goes through), close the jump ring.
  7. Put the jump ring that is now on the toggle onto the loop end of the clamshell bead and shut the loop end.
  8. Put the pinch bail on the Swarovski Heart.  Add a jump ring to the tiny loop of the ring end of the toggle clasp and add the heart to that jump ring, close the jump ring.
  9. Your necklace is now ready to wear or give as a gift!
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