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Bridal Headpiece/Accessory

January 22, 2009

By Kristin



Have you figured out how you want to do your hair yet? If you are like how I was for my wedding, you’re probably changing your mind with every turn of the bridal magazine page. I wanted to put mine down and curly, I wanted it up in a chignon, I wanted a gorgeous ‘basket’ of curls up-do, I couldn’t pick! I finally settled my ‘do and was faced with the challenge of what to put in my hair.

If you are a timeless/classic girl or a fashionista, I found a trend for you… feathers! I’ve seen so many brides with feather hair pieces accented with rhinestones. The headpieces are beautiful and are very easy to make. Some pieces can cost as much as $300! Being the ever-frugal bride, I’ll show you how to make one for MUCH less. We have a nice selection of feather trims and rhinestone buttons that can be used as well. I made this piece in only 15 minutes and the girls here at M&J love it!



Materials Used:

I used 6″ of the feather trim and formed it into a circle by meeting the two ends together. You then want to sew them near the center of the circle to hold it together. I then laid my rhinestone button over the center making sure the shank in the back was accessible through the center hole of the feathers. You need to sew the button down through the feathers, glue will be too messy and get everywhere. Go all the way around about 2-3 times and knot the thread on the back. You’re almost done, now take your bobby pin and push one end through the shank loop of the button and slide it up to the bend in the bobby pin. You can now have your hairdresser add it to your up-do.

This style of hairpiece is better suited to a simple up-do like a sophisticated chignon or French twist. I wouldn’t add it to an elaborate ‘do of curls and tendrils as it will look too busy. Keep an eye out on the blog for future hair projects like pins and more headbands!

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