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New Floral Comb

April 16, 2014

We have just received this perfect new comb in the salon. It is a crystal comb that has a floral 3-D pattern throughout. It is a smaller comb, which would be great for those brides looking for something small that packs a lot of punch. This would look great styled on the side of your hair, or paired in the back with your veil. We recommend pairing this comb with a lighter dress, like those stunning chiffon gowns we have been seeing for all those upcoming Spring/Summer Weddings. Would you wear a comb like this for your big day?

DSC_0278Style #59939

Bold Floral Wedding Gowns

April 15, 2014

A recent trend we have been noticing is unique floral print wedding dresses. Imagine, a garden wedding with a jaw dropping wedding dress in a colorful floral pattern.  Bold floral patterned gowns are for daring brides who are not afraid to think outside the box. Traditional wedding gowns are classic, but there is no rule that’s says your wedding dress has to look a certain way. If you are someone who would like to create your own look for your wedding day, consider using a bold pattern that will really wow your guests. Take a look below at these stunning gowns for some inspiration of your own.



floral print dress 3Via Pinterest

floral print dress 1Via Pinterest

floral print dress 2Via Pinterest

floral print dress 7Via Google

floral print dress 6Via Google


Pick of the Week: Pearl Tiara

April 14, 2014

We have picked this breathtaking Tiara as our favorite pick of the week this week. It has a stunning mix of Swarovski crystals and pearls in an pattern that is perfect for that royal look. This tiara would be gorgeous placed in a high bun or hair do, with a flowing veil to follow. You can pair this tiara with any type of gown, as it would compliment a ball gown and trumpet style nicely. Come in and try on this new Tiara, we know you won’t be disappointed!

DSC_0288Style #59936

Chinese Lanterns

April 12, 2014

Chinese Lanterns are a great way to illuminate your wedding reception. They can be used as a colorful statement, or as a momentum for when you and your new husband leave the reception. You can get as creative with them as you want, by incorporating different shapes like stars, or hanging them in fun patterns along a long row of tables. If you are having an outside wedding, filling them across the dance floor would be a great way to light it up for your guests to boogie all night long. How will you be using Chinese lanterns on your big day? We would love to hear from you!



Communion Tiara’s and Veils

April 11, 2014

Communion is right around the corner, and we have had many little beauties in the salon looking for the perfect tiara and veil for their big days. We have some great new arrivals, that are sure to put a big smile on their faces! We have many new tiaras and flower headpieces to take a look at, as well as several veils with stunning finishes from organza to pearls. Bring your little beauties in to try on some pieces, we are sure you both will love them all!

DSC_0126Style #59924

DSC_0127Style #59777

DSC_0128Style #59925

DSC_0109Style #59221

DSC_0105Style #59220

DSC_0101Style #59223

DSC_0096Style #59922

Mason Jars

April 10, 2014

Mason Jars are a staple piece when it comes to weddings these days. They are so versatile that you can really use them for anything, from centerpieces to lighting, even drink ware. You can add burlap and lace for a rustic feel, or paint them bright colors for a spring/summer garden wedding. Fill them with sand and place candles in them along the aisle for a beach wedding, or paint them to look like milk glass for a more traditional look. Take a look at some ideas below for some inspiration on how to use mason jars on your big day.






Most Popular Jewelry Looks

April 9, 2014

There are many popular combinations when it comes to a bridal look. We have gathered some of our favorite collections to share with all of our brides. They are all made of Swarovski crystal and are very delicate in design. The first set is a more traditional look with signal row of crystal in the necklace and in the matching earring. The second pairing is a floral y shaped necklace that ends in a rose at the bottom, with a matching drop earring. The final pairing is a string of flower charms that hugs the neck beautifully, with a matching floral stud earring. Any of these looks would be perfect with most bridal gowns, especially the classic ball gown. What do you think of our most popular jewelry looks?

DSC_0147Style #57271

DSC_0150Necklace Style #49839; Earring Style #56660

DSC_0156Necklace Style #59487; Earring Style #56567




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