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Sunflower Themed Weddings

July 24, 2014

Sunflowers bring a bright and cheery feeling to any event with its brilliant yellow petals that surround the flowers center resembling the sun. Sunflowers are symbolic of good luck, wealth, happiness, strength, and ambition. Their meanings include loyalty and longevity. The perfect meanings for a wedding flower. This has made them a passionate flower choice for many.

Sunflowers are perfect whether you are having a summer or fall wedding. Its big blooms always look gorgeous. They can really make a wedding pop with color. A sunflower wedding theme can have many appearances: garden, elegant, whimsical, classy, country, rustic, sexy, bold, and more.

Whether you use them in your bouquet, in your centerpieces or as inspiration for your overall wedding décor, sunflowers are sure to bring a little sunshine to your event.  We suggest keeping the sunflower a graceful part of your theme for the wedding, representing a sophisticated couple.

Sunflower wedding themes can be really simple to pull together since they add their own beauty to your wedding. Below there is a variety of ways you can incorporate Sunflowers on your wedding day.

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Melissa’s Pick Of The Week: Crystal Hair Vines

July 23, 2014

These beautiful Crystal hair vine are my all time favorite headpieces for a wedding. It’s not your typical headpiece, this hair vine is flexible and very easy to wear. Made with Swarovski crystals. The Double vine has delicate pearls  and crystals, Asymmetrical in design. The single vine is all crystal. Both are so beautiful and easy to wear.



57343, 46814

Monogram Inspiration

July 22, 2014

What’s in a name? Arguably one of the most famous romantic heroines of all time poses this question when faced with the choice of whether to follow her heart or follow her family. Although those star-crossed lovers, Juliet and Romeo, may have shrugged off the importance of a name, one of the most symbolic parts of the wedding is the joining of names. Whether taking the first initials of each first name, combining the first and last initials, or making a joined last name the centerpiece; monograms can almost be considered a wedding-style staple nowadays. From the traditional flowing script-style, to a more modern sans serif font; letters are taking over the main stage when it comes to decor.


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Luz’s Pick of The Week: Vera Rhinestone Tiara by Haute Bride

July 21, 2014

The Vera Rhinestone Tiara by Haute Bride is one of my favorite pieces in our Bridal Salon.  It is dainty and delicate.  It gives off an elegant and classy vibe. It has a hint of pearl for those brides who want to incorporate pearl in a subtle way.  The Vera Rhinestone Tiara is princess like without being over the top. What I like most about it, is that it can also be worn as a headband if you lay it flat on your head.

Item # 47184


Tulle Crystal Birdcage Veil

July 18, 2014

Classic and Chic is the birdcage veil in tulle. Pictured is veil with scattered Swarovski crystals. This veil can also be ordered plain with out the crystals. You can wear the veil with your hair up or down. This look can compliment a variety of gowns from straight and airy to classic a ballgown. Stop by the salon to try this veil on.



Different Grooms Looks

July 17, 2014

In 2014  we have seen grooms express their unique style through their suits and tuxedo’s. Grooms show a lot pizzazz with their style. Years gone by grooms and groomsmen all looked the same. Mix matched suits, suspenders and patterns are just some of the ways grooms have made their mark on their weddings.  Take a look at these handsome grooms and groomsmen. What type will your husband to be wearing?

grooms look 12
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groom look 12
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grooms look 13
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grooms look 4
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grooms look 7
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grooms look 19
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New Crystal Belt

July 16, 2014

We just received a stunning new belt in our Bridal Salon. Designed with Swarovski crystals and backed with a satin ribbon. This gorgeous  embellishment will compliment a lace or chiffon wedding gown to add a little sparkle. This belt is simple, yet modern that you cannot help but fall in love with it. Come try on this beautiful belt.








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